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Minister Rehn was first elected as a member of parliament for Uusimaa in 1979. She was the parliamentary leader of the Swedish People’s Party of Finland from 1987 to 1990.[11]

She was appointed as Minister of Defence to the Holkeri Cabinet, succeeding Ole Norrback, in 1990. Upon her assumption of office on 13 June 1990, she became the first female defense Minister of a European nation and the sixth in the world. Read More

Satu Maijastiina Hassi is a Finnish politician and former Member of the European Parliament for the Green League. She served as the Minister of Environment and Development Co-Operation in Paavo Lipponen’s second cabinet between 15 April 1999 and 31 May 2002.

Hassi is a member of the board of directors of the Worldwatch Institute and a vice chairman of the parliamentary network Globe EU. She has been granted the Golden Peacock Global Award for Environmental Leadership, the Hart World Refining Fuels Policy Award, and the International Award for Outstanding Contribution to Environment of the Priyadarshni Academy. Read More