The objective of the Conference is Women Agent of Change and Transformation, concentrating on the change and growth of every woman. To pass on information that allows women to integrate their experiences and knowledge, enabling them to have the hope, courage and tools needed to develop and move forward in a positive way.

The Conference will be an intra-continental forum for participants to engage in the most recent discussion on gender issues, and be educated on the practical solutions for the development of women. However, the goal is not merely to present theoretical information but leave the participants with applicable tools to use in their own work. The Conference will be held over a period of three days, with the morning sessions consisting of different speakers and specialists presenting the daily topic and the afternoon corresponding of either a workshop session and training sessions. The Conference will consist of social service workers, educational trainers, political leaders and other influential professionals, sharing and pooling information and knowledge. The focus will be on the practical and sustainable solutions to the transformation of Women; Social, Political and Economic basis, not merely within a personal context.

The goal of the conference is to educate and encourage the participants to apply new concepts and practical tips and solutions in their work with women, whatever their field may be.  Empowerment of African Women is an Organization that works towards creating awareness of Women rights in Africa.

Conference topics

Everyday will have a general topic and there will be a variety of speakers who will elaborate upon the theme.


The first day will present the theme of the conference, WOMEN AGENT OF CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION.

The concept behind this theme is focusing on Women and the need to be part of the political, social and economic transformations taking place across the world. Unless these processes involve women, women will merely become “recipients” of change rather than “agents” of change.

Day 1 will firstly focus and bring to light the changed woman, slavery and struggles that prevent the transformation of women.

Furthermore, the day will cover the topic of Women as agent of social change in the home, in the work place, and in society.  There will also be an entrepreneur training on the Ankara bag and shoes, make over and bead making.

     Day 2: The Raise for Women: Challenge  

Day two of the Conference will be aimed at exposing the challenges affecting the transformation of women in our society.  To cover this topic, there will be motivational speakers who will give personal memoirs and biographies from across the board. The issue has many different dimensions and the speakers will discuss their personal struggles and triumphs from a variety of perspectives towards the changes in their lives. Social conditions such as poverty and conflict will be considered in their relation to the problem.

They will also discuss giving Women a second chance in developing Countries, Women Political Empowerment: Translating Women participation in Politics and Civil Society.

Day 3: Advancing the Roles of Women in Entrepreneur

The final day will have a practical bent, focusing on the Role of Women in Entrepreneur. The day will include presentations in advancing the role of Women in agriculture, with a specific training focus on women as leaders.

A workshop on health will conclude the last day leaving participants with a set of practical tools to implement within their own fields.

African Development Network Platform

An additional asset of the International Women’s Conference will provide the participants with a diverse networking opportunity. Empowerment of African Women plans to create a networking platform for African Development projects, where those within the network will have access to information on different development projects within a variety of African nations, as well as the contacts of international investors who are engaged or interested in these opportunities.

DAY 3:  D&Ksuomi  Humanitarian Award Night

This will be an evening where participants, delegates, and selected guests will gather together to recognize the outstanding achievements of several women within their work.  A Humanitarian Award will be granted, Business Players Award and an Inspirational Leaders Award. A formal dinner, accompanied by entertainment, will precede the granting of awards; Award also will be giving to some Africa artist who has been supporting Humanitarian cause.