The idea behind the D&ksuomi Humanitarian Awards, it is not about the prestige but it is about the recognition of those with passion and devotion is providing support by whole means to the unprivileged and disadvantaged people, especially women and children in Africa.

To promote the awareness of the Humanitarian ambitions within our nations.

To women and mothers who have gone through unbearable pain for their children, we feel your pain as mothers.

We had a wonderful time; women from different parts of the globe have shared their constructive experiences in the humanitarian field.

We are so thankful to all our participants and speakers. The Women who are on the front lines come from all over the world 

Bring their voices together on our stage to tell their stories during our Annual International Women’s Conference; these wonderful speakers are CEOs, activists, entrepreneurs, and peacemakers. They have used their influence to share their passion for humanity. 

Women have learned from each other to improve their skills on the ground. They are iconic women of our time, the men are not left behind, and they are wonderful and champion men that have a passion for women’s development. D&Ksuomi Foundation